14th January 2019
Work Smarter With These 5 New Year Tech Resolutions

Work Smarter With These 5 New Year Tech Resolutions

2019 is here. You are looking for a fresh start – a smarter, quicker way of doing things. But with work piling up after the festive break things can easily feel a bit daunting. The good news is, it need not be. Here are a few of our simple tech hacks to freshen up your business approach and make life just that little bit easier. Time to kick those old habits and embrace a better, more productive 2019!

1.     Get your house in order with a digital to-do list

When it comes to business planning, your first tech resolution should be to chuck your old notepad in the recycling bin. Clever apps such as Apple’s Reminders and Android’s Tasks let you sync to-do lists to all your devices, so you can access them anywhere on the go. No more rummaging around for pen and paper to remind yourself of important tasks. For the more detailed planners among you, Todoist and Omnifocus offer a more complex service bursting with features to help plan your work week to the nth degree.

2.     Switch to a free SSL certificate

With cyber security making ever-greater leaps forward, it is more important than ever to keep your site (and your business) secure from hackers. Online criminals continue to find ever more devious ways to get around basic cyber IT measures, which is why upgrading to a SSL certificate is a no brainer. Most SSL upgrades will cost between £10 and £50 a year but we are offering all clients secure web hosting with a free SSL certificate. So, what are you waiting for?

3.     Limit your Screen Time with your smartphone’s help

It is hard to imagine a world without screens and monitors. We live in a fully digital society, with everything from banking to networking now done through our phones. But you only have so much of a good thing, with studies showing that too much screen time can be detrimental to our health – not to mention work. Fortunately, Apple and Android devices now offer apps that tell you exactly how you are using your phone, from the time spent on each app to how many times you have unlocked your phone. You can even set timers to restrict your social media usage; slap a 10-minute limit on Twitter and watch your wellbeing soar!

4.     Freshen up your passwords

We all have a trusty password that we fall back on. Before long, we can end up with a dozen or more accounts using the same password – rather risky for your cyber security. If you have used the same password for more than a year across multiple accounts, it is time to think of new ones. One of the most common password weaknesses is simply having too short a password; why not add a few more characters to your existing one as a tech resolution? For those who are not keen on remembering five or more passwords, password managers such as LastPass can really help. LastPass keeps your security info in a locked “Vault”, accessible by a single password, and can save your login details on any device.

5.     Double Check your GDPR compliance

Last year, a major shakeup of EU privacy laws was introduced to much fanfare. GDPR guidelines are intended to stop businesses exploiting their customers’ data, such as in the recent scandals at Facebook. While most companies are now up to date with GDPR, experts have warned that some businesses still have serious work to do to be fully compliant. Our advice is to make absolutely sure that your company or school is following GDPR guidelines and ensure that standards do not slip. Refresh your knowledge of the new data laws for a tech resolution that could save your reputation and revenues.

If you would like secure web hosting with a free SSL certificate to keep your cyber security up-to-date and guard against hackers or you would like to start the new year with an IT managed service contract that puts your IT security first, get in touch with Switch2IT today.

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