25th April 2018
Why clients select Switch2IT managed service contracts

Why do Clients Choose our IT Managed Service Contracts?

Switch2IT is proud to have clients who have retained contracts with us for a number of years and others who come back to us time and again as IT projects occur. What makes our clients inclined to choose us as their technical support go-to? We thought we would ask one of our long-term clients, Amiri Construction

Based in Hampshire, Amiri Construction is a privately owned building contractor that prides itself on innovation, quality and success. As a company with the same values, it is of no wonder Switch2IT has such a good working relationship with Mark and his team although they have not always used our web hosting service…

Switch2IT for secure web hosting

When they had their website redesigned, as part of the re-design and build package, Amiri Construction moved their website hosting to their web design company. Before long, as well as experiencing spiralling costs and constant requests for extra payments for cyber security work, their website became compromised.

As hosts of all their other technical services, they immediately contacted us. We welcomed the opportunity to offer our secure website hosting service and fix the compromise that had been causing so many problems. This is the ethos that Switch2IT is all about – we were happy to go above and beyond.

Since they were established in 2005, Amiri Construction has used our IT services and, when their business was on the line, we were there to get them back at the top of their game.  They now use our full range of our technical services and consider us a trusted partner.

Switch2IT for quality and trust

When asked what Switch2IT provide by way of customer service, value for money and technical know-how, Amiri Construction Director Mark Vincent said:

“With the history we have with Daniel and the Switch2IT team, extending back before the establishment of either business, we’ve grounded a relationship based on trust and quality of service rather than a ‘commercial-only’ approach.

“The IT needs of our business are challenging with its many different, often moving, sites. We require powerful and secure server support, IT networking and the ability to move large quantities of information. Switch2IT has continually demonstrated an understanding of the business and its requirements and has evolved and adapted our technical support services to ensure that we remain efficient and effective – while demonstrating a commercial awareness that’s refreshing within the IT sector.

“We choose to work with Switch2IT because they’re a trusted partner. They have a collaborative and innovative approach to professional technical support and they share our company ethos. The quality of the service and the security that we receive is why we have the confidence in our infrastructure. Amiri have recommended, and will continue to, recommend Switch2IT to many businesses over the years”.

We are delighted that we have built long-term relationships with companies like Amiri Construction. Like Mark says, we are dedicated to having a more personable approach – we get to know our clients’ business needs and help them to excel rather than having a cold, flat commercial approach that some larger technical support businesses adopt. Our clients value this collaborative approach and embrace our stability and security.

Switch2IT for affordable technical support

Not only do we work with the construction sector but we have clients in information services, professional services and the education sector. Though we have recently had several clients extend their monthly IT service contracts – which include: a dedicated IT engineer as your point of contact, remote IT support whenever you need it and a fixed monthly payment plan  – we have the availability to take on one or two more clients, including another independent school.

No matter what your business size or budget, we can work with you to design a managed IT service contract that suits. We can even roll over unused hours from one month to the next so you always get maximum value for money. To find out more about our technical support services for schools and IT support in London, or for a business based elsewhere on the south coast, please contact us today. 

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