13th May 2016
Switch2IT is the technical support provider of choice for Amiri Construction

Switch2IT is first port of call for Amiri Construction

The working relationship between Switch2IT and Amiri Construction is long-lasting and loyal. Supporting each other from start-up through growth, Switch2IT has been Amiri’s IT services provider of choice for more than ten years carrying out IT consultancy for IT networking projects as well as ongoing technical support. Mark Vincent, Business Development at Amiri Construction, reveals here how the relationship developed:

“Before Amiri Construction was founded, we worked with Dan and the team for a number of years and had always been impressed with their services and support. In the fast moving world of IT, they continued to learn and apply the knowledge they gained to benefit their business clients. In those early days, we were supplied with efficient, effective, secure systems that were as future-proof as possible and excellent value for money.

 “When Amiri was established, we took the opportunity to look at what other IT support service providers could offer. Though Switch2IT was a start-up just like Amiri, few businesses matched the same level of service. So, we continued to support Switch2IT and they continued to support us…

“They have since survived another performance review. Once again, it was a simple decision to remain with Switch2IT and continue to evolve the robust systems and procedures they have established over the past 11 years. ”

Secure IT networking – Solution Required:

  • A secure network with easily accessible remote access

Secure IT networking – The Result:

Switch2IT has worked on a number of projects with Amiri, from the initial set-up of the business in 2005 and an office move two years later to an upgrade to larger premises in April 2016. Amiri chose Switch2IT to get them going and keep them going!

As Amiri has a maximum of 15 construction sites in a geographical area covering up to an hour away in any direction from Fareham, they identified a need for a secure network that could be accessed remotely with ease. They also needed to ensure the swift and secure transfer and storage of digital information.  During the company’s 2016 office move especially, it was vital to ensure continuity of service provision and to make sure down-time was kept to a minimum.

Throughout each stage, strong crisis management systems were put in place and ongoing technical support was provided by the skilled and experienced Switch2IT team. Amiri’s Mark Vincent sums up the result of the latest IT project best here:

“The commitment of the team over the period of the move was exceptional and the transition to the new office was made with no recognisable break in service provision… If we hadn’t told our clients and consultants that we’d moved they’d still think that we were in the old offices as the transfer of service provision was seamless”.

Protect IT. Grow IT. Switch2IT

When asked to describe our services and experience in just three words, Mark Vincent of Amiri Construction coined Switch2IT: “Knowledgeable, effective and friendly.”  

He went on to say: “Switch2IT are more than just a sub-contractor as we know Dan and the Daves so well that we don’t consider them anything other than part of our team… We actively promote Switch2IT when given the opportunity.”

Are you looking for a well-informed, efficient and personable team to provide you with complete IT solutions and technical support service for your business? Look no further than Switch2IT. Contact us for more information about our IT support in London, Hampshire and the rest of the South East. We are looking forward to building a fantastic working relationship with you too.

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