26th November 2018
Switch2IT and say au revoir to your cybersecurity concerns

Switch2IT and Say Au Revoir to Your Cybersecurity Concerns

We have heard of cutting off your nose to spite your face but giving Google the guillotine to encourage cybersecurity… While the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace was announced earlier this month, it seems the USA is among those not so quick to sign its name away. In another bid for online independence, France has now announced its saying à tout à l'heure to the world’s largest search engine.

At the annual UNESCO Internet Governance Forum in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron declared the new initiative, which aims to establish international norms for the internet, and is endorsed by over 50 nations. But not the USA, China or Russia.

With nine goals – such as working to prevent malware, cyberattacks and intellectual property theft – there are no legal requirements for governments or corporations to take heed. However, some of the big boys like Microsoft, Facebook and IBM have shown their support. Wired reported that Microsoft’s President Brad Smith, who also made a speech at the Internet Governance Forum, said:

“It’s an opportunity for people to come together around a few of the key principles: around protecting innocent civilians, around protecting elections, around protecting the availability of the internet itself. It’s an opportunity to advance that through a multi-stakeholder process”.

This is another step in the right direction since it was announced back in the summer that a group of British security companies and tech main players are working together to create a security intelligence network, which tackles growing threats in the world of technology.

Not only are the French trying to encourage a safer cyberspace for Europe and beyond, they are also keen to retain their online independence by opting for a less exploitative alternative to Google. Inspired by Edward Snowdon’s NSA leaks and then the Cambridge Analytica debacle, the French Ministry of Armed Forces has announced that their military will now use the French search engine Qwant as standard, which is reportedly more geared towards data privacy.

We admire this move made by our French frères. Perhaps if we all took a stand, one country or even one organisation at a time, and encouraged our allies to do the same there would be a chance to turn things around. Until then, Switch2IT for excellent technical support – and to keep your business’ IT security parfait – that will see you into the new year and beyond.

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