24th April 2017
Looking towards a hi-tech future for your business

Here’s to technological advancements with Switch2IT

With the South Downs looking luscious once again and the surrounds of Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey displaying more magnificence with its bluebells per woodland than that high DPI monitor you are lusting after, it makes us realise the technological world is always burgeoning . With this in mind, the Switch2IT team looks to the future with a few fancies…

What if machine learning was affordable to all?

According to WIRED, Darktrace's AI can now automatically respond to attempted hacks and halt them in their tracks. After detecting and ceasing a Brexit-fuelled data protection threat in its trial period, Darktrace Antigena is now available to all IT security savvy businesses.

Darktrace has cornered the market in the fight against cyberattacks using machine learning to diminish threats to corporate systems and while the biggest hurdle for some may be handing over their cyber security reins to a machine, for others the cost will be the sticking point. But the progress of this start-up could be the first step towards making machine learning and associated protection of devices more efficient in a more accessible and affordable way for UK businesses. We are hoping machine learning is affordable to all in the next 36 months.

What if we took fundamentals seriously?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the man behind the web, has given a big thumbs down to UK plans to undermine encryption. In response to the home secretary’s belief “there should be no safe space for terrorists to be able to communicate online” Sir Tim argues that giving the authorities supremacy to crack coded messages is not the answer. He has also made his feelings about the Investigatory Powers Act clear: "The idea that all ISPs should be required to spy on citizens and hold the data for six months is appalling."

He makes a good point, if the government are able to decrypt messages and retain our private data, what is stopping others from using their skills to access our messages and data also? An attempt to protect us from terrorists could leave us more vulnerable to threats from hackers!

What if we used technology to help future generations?

Are we really looking at the bigger picture? It is so easy to get caught up in the here and now; sometimes we need to step back and think about how we can best use the resources we have, namely the latest technology, to make a difference in the future.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the longest serving independent in congressional history, and his team put it best on Twitter: “Our job: transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to protect the planet for our kids & grandkids—whether Trump likes it or not”.

What if healthcare transformation picked up pace?

The development and adoption of technologies has sky-rocketed in the last ten years and had a huge impact on the way we live. A number of these technologies, from smartphones and portable diagnostics to smart pills and blockchains, will continue to transform healthcare in the coming years.

Much of the ground work is already there, for example two-thirds of British people already use smartphones to access the internet (Ofcom Technology Tracker 2015) but the full potential of these devices in the health and care sector is still waiting to be realised. We are so close to achieving better results where preventing, predicting, detecting and treating illness is concerned!

What if you Switch2IT?

What if we forgot about wired washing machines, fridges and cars?What if we did all this and lived more harmonious lives? Is simplicity really bliss? Can we go back now we have dipped our toes into the ponds of the future?

We believe there is always room for development, whether it is simplifying life or looking towards a smarter business strategy that involves trusted technical support from a dedicated IT technician. If you are looking to make sure your IT systems and practices run more smoothly, get in touch with Switch2IT today. 

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