15th February 2013
Is it the right time to invest in your IT infrastructure?

How important is high speed broadband and IT infrastructure productivity to your business?

The government continues to talk about the importance of business growth and innovation but since the Digital Britain report was published in 2009, the UK still has a lack of high speed broadband in place. Do you think that this is something that needs rectifying? Perhaps you could start the ball rolling by investing in your business’ IT infrastructure with the help of Switch2IT.

How speedy is the internet coverage in your area? Although providers have gradually improved broadband speed in most areas of the UK over the last three years, there are still some areas that are better than others. For example, some areas of Sussex, Hampshire and Kent have previously been named as places with internet coverage that is slower than the national average.

What is more, industry experts have questioned whether high speed broadband will actually make a difference to businesses. According to Ofcom, in 2011 the UK’s superfast internet coverage was at 60% but only 6.6% of all connections were using top speeds. Are more people taking advantage of these top speeds just two years later? Do you use higher speed coverage for your business or are you using slower internet coverage? Do you think that faster internet connections in your area would be a worthy investment?

As far as the Switch2IT team is concerned, internet use has become more prevalent over the last two years and is more essential for business use today than ever before. It is a fact that businesses with speedy internet connections can do daily online tasks more quickly, securely and efficiently and a roll out of better, faster internet connections across the UK would make working both in the office and remotely a smoother, more reliable option for businesses. 

This transition period could be the ideal time to invest in your IT infrastructure, with IP version 6, the latest security and manufacturers keen pricing. Switch2IT can help with everything, from choosing the perfect communication package for your business to setting up phone systems and IT networking. Even if your area has been experiencing problems with slower broadband access and your broadband provider is yet to fix the problem, an assessment of your IT infrastructure could save you and your business significant time and money.

Surely it is worth considering. Give us a call today on: 0800 0833416 and we will be happy to discuss how we can manage your IT infrastructure and make working more efficient for you and your employees. 

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