28th September 2018
How to Choose IT Support to Suit Your Business

How to Choose IT Support to Suit Your Business

Despite IT infrastructure being instrumental to the everyday running of most UK businesses, the appointment of reliable and dedicated technical support is still not a priority for many SMEs.

One possible reason is that they are relying on the advancement of technology to pick up the slack. But, as the Switch2IT team has argued before, it is the combination of man and machine that equates to the best possible cyber security.

More than 10 years ago, Josylen Faust of Gartner said: "The main trend we're seeing for small businesses is to use as little IT help as possible. It seems like technology is catching up to that preference. With cloud computing and software as a service, there's much more of an ability to not use a lot of IT staff at all".

This still rings true as a number of smaller businesses do not appear to see the value of professional IT support. Many resist to employ part time or full time IT staff and only outsource to professionals as a last resort for services such as remote IT support – in order to fix problems rather than prevent them.

Imagine if your IT network had a glitch. Would you be able to access your building, let alone your machines and important documents crucial to the continued flow of your business? Is it really worth leaving things to chance and risking loosing valuable time and money when there are skilled and experienced technical support companies such as Switch2IT within such easy access and appointment?

Here are three things to consider when selecting the IT support your business needs to thrive:

  1. Recommendations, reviews and basic instinct

One of the best ways to find an IT support company that will be a good fit for your business is to ask around. Whether you attend networking events or enquire via social media, the reviews and recommendations of your respected peers and colleagues give you the best insight.

Once you have gone down the word-of-mouth route, it is well worth following up by checking out the company’s online reviews and then setting a meeting or consultation with the prospective technical support provider. Use of all your spidey senses will help you make the most informed decision about your new partnership.

  1. Ongoing technical support and IT project management

As we have already said, a sticking plaster approach is not the most effective so you need to know whether a prospective IT support provider will deliver in the following ways: keep your technology ticking over, use a proactive approach, and devise a solid technical support strategy that prevents potential cyber security issues from occurring and deals with problems quickly and efficiently as they arise.

You should also make good use of your chosen provider’s IT project management capabilities so that they can maintain your IT infrastructure and schedule updates to systems and machines, allowing you to concentrate on other parts of the business. This is where a company that provides a full IT support service and has a devotion to excellent customer service really comes into play.

  1. IT support and business growth

Just as your other business practices need to develop in order to accommodate and facilitate business growth, so does your technical support strategy. As Elsa Wenzel points out in this PCWorld article: “The need for IT help is changing, not disappearing. Your important tech investments may increasingly be in services rather than machines. Instead of providing nuts-and-bolts PC support, the person you bring in might work on higher-level challenges, such as establishing cloud-based backup or unifying communications across smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops.

Switch2IT will work with you to provide the exact technical support you need and the beauty of our IT managed service contracts is that you can choose the level of support your business requires and only pay for what you need. As your business grows we can scale up the level of support you need and we can all grow together.   

So, Switch2IT today for excellent technical support on your terms. 

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