20th March 2018
Grab a free iPad with three years' IT support

An Eggstravangant Easter Offer From Switch2IT

2018 is turning out to be a brilliant year for Switch2IT, not only are we finding that local businesses are signing up to use our managed IT support service for the first time but that many of our clients are signing up to extend their contracts because they are so pleased with our dedication to customer service, collaborative and personable approach and up-to-minute technical know-how.

Switch2IT offers different levels of managed service contracts for technical support as well as bespoke packages to suit small and medium sized businesses. With the benefit of a dedicated IT engineer, telephone IT support whenever you need it and fixed monthly payments so you can keep control of the pennies, what is not to love?

As so many Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent businesses are making the most of our three-year IT support contracts that are tailored to suit their size and needs, we thought it was time to celebrate those of you who are willing to spring into action and Switch2IT this March and April.

Businesses that take out a three-year managed service contract by the end of April 2018 will receive a tasty technological treat from the Electronic Easter Bunny – a free iPad!* One swallow does not make a summer but how much difference could an iPad make to your business?   

Yes, anyone who signs on the dotted line will get a brand new state-of-the-art Apple-tastic iPad for all that away-from-the-desk graft. Between your Switch2IT managed service contract and your brand spanking new iPad you will have everything covered: remoting in to access your office PC, working through documents online, collaborating with colleagues, listening to webinars, catching up on emails, updating social media profiles, capturing and editing movies, and catching up with your team via FaceTime.

Switch2IT currently has the capacity for just a few more commercial business clients and another independent school. Every business that signs up for a three-year contract will get a free iPad and the bigger your service plan, the more iPads you will receive. For example, an independent school could walk away with 10-40 free iPads when they Switch2IT for their large technical support plan. There is no need to go back to the classroom to work out what a great deal that is!

Switch2IT for technical support and get a free iPad

Whether you have just one PC and a tiny team or an office with 100s of machines and workers, we have an IT managed service contract to suit you. Contact us today for more information and a tailored quote and we will see about getting you that free iPad ASAP.

*Terms and conditions apply and are available on request.

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