14th December 2016
As Digital Technology Dampens Democracy How's your Trust in IT Support

As Digital Technology Dampens Democracy How’s your Trust in IT Support?

After a record number of IT security vulnerabilities in 2014, two years on we have seen our fair share of technology that threatens democracy and influences elections – and what a year it has been for politics in the UK and US! 

In a world where currency rates are now manipulated with ease for political gain, how far should our trust expand? Should core subscription ICT services carry a risk rating, like financial products? SMEs place so much care in the hands of cyber security experts but are they placing the future of their businesses in the right hands, like those of the Switch2IT team who are committed to complete technical support and excellent customer service? 

Should ICT services carry a risk rating?

So, surely with elevated scope and global fear of IT security threats, and the reliance of UK SMEs on trusted IT support service providers to manage such risks, it is wise for risk assessments/ratings of those services to become more standardised. After all, you want to know the people fighting your corner are the best people for the job.

Ideally, a risk assessment would aim to understand the ICT company, identifying any risks through analysis of the information/data collected. The following are examples of tasks performed in an enterprise security risk assessment fromISACA Journal(previously Information Systems Audit and Control Association):

  • Review adequacy of existing security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures.
  • Analyse assets, threats and vulnerabilities, including their impacts and likelihood.
  • Conduct technical and procedural review and analysis of the network architecture, protocols and components to ensure that they are implemented according to the security policies.
  • Review and check the configuration, implementation and usage of remote access systems, servers, firewalls and external network connections, including the client internet connection.
  • Review logical access and other authentication mechanisms.
  • Review current level of security awareness and commitment of staff within the organisation.
  • Review agreements involving services or products from vendors and contractors.
  • Develop practical technical recommendations to address the vulnerabilities identified, and reduce the level of security risk.

Start 2017 with Cyber Essentials certified Switch2IT

You can trust Switch2IT, as of 2015 we are Cyber Essentials certified in line with the UK Government's National Cyber Security Strategy  to make the UK a safer place to conduct business online.

This means we are compliant with Cyber Essentials controls so we can bid for government contracts, involving the handling of sensitive and personal information and provision of certain technical products and services. Also, in line with the above risk assessment example, we have fundamental technical security controls in place to help defend against cyber security threats such as hackers and malware.

To find out more about ICT service contracts with professional technicians you can trust, ultra-safe data backups stored in highly-secure data centres and remote IT support that will solve your IT issues rather than cause more, contact Switch2IT today

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