13th October 2018
Are you Getting the Best from Technology in the Workplace?

Did you know, the average person touches their mobile phone more than 2000 times a day? Yikes, and we wonder why workers are not getting those tasks done!

How productive are UK businesses really? While some believe that the digital revolution is in its infancy and others feel that productivity is not yet being measured as it should, there is a camp that feels technology, as we know it, could be a double-edged sword.

That is, our reliance on high-speed digital technology – such as the internet, email, social media and apps – is distracting us from the work we should be doing rather than helping us along. The evidence is there; from the advertising executive who banned phones from work and saw productivity soar to the 20% of employers (shown by a Career Builder survey) who believe their employees are productive only five hours per day and have scapegoated the mobile phone. Come on admit it, you too have been distracted by the latest MSN headlines, what hashtag is trending on Twitter or a scarily targeted pop-up ad for something you really want to buy…

What are the tech problems holding up workers?

  • Time spent trawling insufficient email client searches to follow-up conversations or establish the chain of communication
  • Slow or intermittent internet access, caused by peaks of users and download/upload times or office location
  • Hardware and software upgrades, including malware protection and operating systems, and machine upgrades needed with no suitable time for the changeover yet found
  • The pressure of an instant-response society that pushes workers to leave the task they are doing in order to deal with the latest email request of tweet

Many of us are stuck in a vicious digital circle where we take one step forward and three steps back. We think that by reaching for the mouse and searching Google we are getting things done quicker but, in fact, we often come up against hurdles – many of which are not easily or speedily dealt with. The first step in the right direction is finding IT support that suits your business down to the ground.

How can Switch2IT help boost your business?

Perhaps your business is small and a full time IT support technician is out of the question. That is not to say that overcoming these technology hurdles is out of the question. No matter how big your SME and how many machines you need to operate, a managed service IT support contract with Switch2IT could save you oodles of precious time and money.

Through IT audits, a sound IT backup strategy and an awesome approach to cyber security, we will make sure that your IT runs smoothly so that you can focus on running your business and improving productivity.

No more time spent waiting for clunky out-of-date machines and operating systems to perform. No more insecure IT networking solutions, where employee and customer data is at risk yet not easily accessible to only those who need it. Need your IT and communication systems and strategies kicking into touch? We are the people for the job.

The Switch2IT team draws on technical know-how and experience of their own fast business growth and transfers these skills to regularly improve the business processes of their customers. You can see evidence of our past performance by checking out our IT project case studies here.

Not only do our current clients provide excellent testimonials of our work but September was a cracking month in terms of our own business growth acceleration. We have signed five new long-term IT support contracts with businesses in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and London.

To make sure you join us on the way up, Switch2IT today.

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