19th August 2013
Switch2IT wonders whether we'll ever get data privacy to aid healthy IT security

Sushi not Tempora!

At the start of the summer, we posted a news article called: Up with data fraud laws and down with the Snoopers’ Charter, says Switch2IT  acknowledging Nick Clegg’s decision to not collect the public’s data but questioning whether there is still enough being done to protect our data privacy.

With this in mind, we thought we would re-visit the subject and see whether we are getting the data privacy that we desire. The answer to that seems to be a firm no and since April we have moved backwards rather than forwards with regard to data privacy. The future looks bleak enough for us to cut out the middle men and just start handing over our business data to companies such as Data Loss PLC

As early as June 2013, the chinks in the government’s supposed data protection armour started to show when the Government Communication Headquarters’ (GCHQ) access to transatlantic communication cables was revealed.

Essentially, the Snowden leaks uncovered a project called Tempora where our “private data” – from recordings of phone calls to content of emails – is being intercepted, covered in a thin crispy batter (Tempora/tempura, close enough and certainly ludicrous enough) and shared with the US.

But this was nothing new, it turns out that our data has been dipped and shared in this way since the start of 2012 and that the US have been deep frying bigger fish with direct access to intelligence from the world’s internet giants via a wasabi hot, hush-hush programme named Prism. Urgggh, it is almost enough to put you off Japanese food and certainly enough to leave a nasty taste in your mouth with regard to the powers that be!

Yet again, Switch2IT would like to make a plea for a right to data privacy and IT security and will be keeping a close eye on any further developments over the coming months. In the meantime, we suggest that you check out the work of Liberty, also known as the National Council for Civil Liberties, who are “lobbying and campaigning for urgent amendment to the outdated laws governing surveillance and an end to blanket surveillance of the population.” Keep up the good work, Liberty!

You can also contact us to find out how our IT support company can maintain your business’ IT security or help with digital forensics and investigation, should your business have fallen victim to a data privacy leak or fraudulent attempt, for example. We really do hope for a healthier future for IT security, perhaps some sushi is in order…

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