25th June 2013
Two-factor authentication is sensible IT security, says Switch2IT

Switch2IT is 4 2FA!

The Switch2IT team is pleased to hear that a number of big consumer brands – including Apple, Google and Microsoft – are now offering their customers two-factor authentication (2FA) as a standard IT security measure.

Essentially, 2FA is a safer, more complex method of authenticating an account. The special web authentication systems rely on hardware-based security tokens that generate time-sensitive passcodes that must be entered along with a password. Or they can send one time codes to your mobile phone.

The main benefit of a two-factor authentication is that it is twice as secure as a password-only system. For example, if your credit card details were stored in your iTunes account, the 2FA process would make it much more difficult for a cyber-criminal with your Apple ID to make a purchase. The hacker would need to get through a second gateway. You can read more about two-factor authentication in web authentication scenarios at

IT security has come a long way…

This may not be a flawless system as yet but it is most definitely a step in the right direction, where IT security is concerned. Switch2IT has encouraged the use of 2FA as a minimum security measure for web service provider SMEs for many years. The system not only facilitates more secure online services which help to protect consumer account and credit card details but it also helps smaller businesses to quickly identify when a compromise on their own system has been attempted.

Would you like a review of 2FA for your business? Whether you are based in Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, London or Kent, feel free to call the Switch2IT team today on 0800 0833416. Our technical support specialists will take the time to understand the needs of your business and your customers so that an increase in IT security will only positively affect your sales. 

Now, if Twitter and LinkedIn could just master interoperability and put a stop to people pasting links that require viewers to log in before content can be accessed, then we would all save a little more time and take a another step in the right direction…

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