20th January 2017
Switch2IT's 2016 Technology Review

Switch2IT’s 2016 Technology Review

Another fantastic year for Switch2IT with a number of new technical support contracts secured and many more retained, 2016 had some high points (and low points) with regard to technology too. Here are the team’s top three tantalising terabyte talking points:

Transatlantic tech-titan transfer

In May, it was announced that Facebook and Microsoft are to lay a giant cable under the Atlantic Ocean – yes, another year, another cable. Stretching from Virginia to Bilbao and giving the tech titans myriad options, this mammoth cable promises to:

  • Transfer digital data across 6,600 km
  • Provide around 16 million times the bandwidth of the average home Internet connection (up to 160 terabits per second of bandwidth)
  • More efficiently move vast amounts of data and control how that data moves

Building their own IT networking infrastructure on land and across seas is the tech giants’ latest move towards world domination. According to telecommunications research firm Telegeography, around two thirds of digital data now travels across the Atlantic via private networks like these – a few years ago this figure was just 10 percent.

While this should make using Facebook and Microsoft a speedier experience, how long will it be until those who already have their pockets lined with dollars start passing the costs of the infrastructure overhaul on to the users? Does anyone else get a whiff of data privacy issues too?

Government goes for gold with broadband

Perhaps the UK government’s release of £400m towards improved broadband in November was a technology tale with a likely happy ending. While many of our clients in Hampshire and Kent are fortunate to be based in some of the best areas for broadband, this cash injection must have been music to the ears of those occupying areas of Wales and Scotland with the worst broadband speeds.

The government aims for: "gold standard ‘full-fibre’ broadband, which has the capacity to reach speeds of more than 1Gbps." However, the fly in the ointment for the big boys on this side of the pond is that this new fund is aimed at encouraging investment by smaller providers focused purely on fibre. That is, while the Broadband Delivery UK scheme saw all funds go to BT, this time more diversity (and hopefully a stronger commitment to customer service) is on the cards.

What a Dyn! Is Oracle in the know?

Also in November we heard that software hulk Oracle is buying Dynamic Network Services (Dyn) in a bid to speed up the traffic generated by cloud computing.

While this is not amazing news in itself it becomes increasingly interesting when you consider that just one month previous to this announcement Dyn’s high-profile customers, including the likes of Twitter and PayPal, were victim to a DDoS attack triggered by myriad IoT devices.  

At the time, Dyn said the attacks, "highlighted vulnerabilities in the security of 'Internet of Things' devices that need to be addressed." Is Oracle’s plan to address these issues and improve IoT cyber security?  It remains to be seen whether this move by Oracle is shrewd or suicidal.

Switch2IT in 2017

Having secured two new managed services contracts for IT support at the end of 2016, we are currently in a position to take on a limited number of new clients.

Ideal for small to medium businesses with anything from 1-200 PCs, we will assign a dedicated and experienced engineer to your business on a contractual basis that suits you. Whether you are looking for remote IT support, no-fuss cloud management or easy budgeting – Switch2IT is the right solution for you in 2017 and beyond.

Contact us today to find out more about the IT business support we offer throughout the South East

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