29th March 2016
Confident and compliant Switch2IT secures access control for East Sussex school

“Confident and compliant” Switch2IT secures access control for East Sussex school

Since tendering to carry out an IT audit and IT strategy report in 2014, the Switch2IT team was called on once again by an East Sussex educational organisation at the start of 2016.

Despite having their own IT department, the Lewes school required a skilled technical support company to implement and provide IT project management of their new safeguarding access control and visitor management systems. Switch2IT, who had previously provided front-line IT support for teachers at the school, fitted the bill.

The safeguarding side of this project relates to securing the school buildings and entrances with access control 24/7, 365 days a year, to keep pupils and staff secure. Visitor management refers to monitoring visitors on the school premises in relation to fire procedures and Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS).

The specific services that Switch2IT provided to this East Sussex school, with more than 120 staff and 500 pupils, include:

 Access Control – Solution Required:

  • A cost-effective solution for securing the perimeter of the school

 Access Control – The Result:

The perimeter of the school was safeguarded, to OFSTED security requirements, with an easy-to-use access control system. The school’s grounds and building are no longer open to all, which not only increases security for pupils and staff alike but also helps to control the flow of pupils in and around the building. As a result, parents, staff and pupils have peace of mind.  

 Switch2IT was responsible for implementing the new system as well as IT project management.  Daniel Piggott, director of Switch2IT Ltd, said:  "This school was looking for a cost-effective option,   which suited their needs, and could be implemented securely within a short timescale.

 "The  school  is  very  happy  with  the  way  the  new  system  is working and that it met their budget requirements. The successful project has provided them with control, flexibility and added efficiency”.

Visitor Management – Solution Required: 

  • A safeguarding solution for visitor management

Visitor Management – The Result:

A visitor management solution, which complements the new access control system, was added to lessen administration caused by visitors and ensure compliance with DBS and fire evacuation procedures.

Mr T Laker, operations manager of Lewes Old Grammar School, commented: "We wanted to improve our visitor management system and combine that with staff ID badges for signing in and out. The ability to link with SIMS has meant that the system has exceeded our expectations and we receive many compliments from visitors."

Switch2IT for complete IT solutions

The school’s operations manager went on to say: “Switch2IT offers a very professional service and hands-on approach.  Staff members have commented on how simple explanations and demonstrations have been implemented.

“I have 100% confidence that whatever requirement that the school has in terms of IT, communication or any other matter related to IT security and data protection, Switch2IT would be able to manage and implement our requirements.

“Switch2IT is confident and compliant.”

Do you work in the education sector? Perhaps you work in retail, recruitment or construction…  When you need technical support for your Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, London or Kent business, contact Switch2IT for a quote that meets your needs.  

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